Our Product

CathWear’s Catheter Undergarment system is an all in one catheter management system built into a comfortable, high quality unisex brief:

CathWear is compatible with the following catheter setups:

  • Biliary Catheters

  • Foley Catheters

  • Suprapubic Catheters

  • Nephrostomy Catheters

All sizes and colors are unisex. For best results do not use underwear underneath your CathWear. CathWear is designed to replace your regular underwear. Wearing underwear underneath your CathWear may cause increased pressure to the bag.

Breathable and fast drying fabric conforms to your shape for comfort.  Elastic waistband provides a comfortable, secure fit.  Garment can be machine washed and placed in dryer.

  • CathWear is able to support up to 2 of your preferred leg bags at the same time.

Available in the following sizes for both females and males:

  • Small/Medium/Large/X Large/2X Large

  • Able to support leg bags up to 600ML (20 ounces)


  • The CathWear two pocket system allows patients to simply place their bags into the secure and spacious Cath-Pockets. This technology removes the issue of having skin to plastic contact and completely doing away with the antiquated Velcro strap or elastic band system that restricts blood flow.