Appropriate clothing when using a Catheter

We wanted to take some time to talk about what clothing is appropriate to wear when utilizing a catheter.

This is a common question especially now with the warmer weather quickly approaching. There are solutions available (some better than others) so the ability to wear warm weather clothing is attainable. Patients undergoing a particular treatment involving a drainage catheter of some sort, (i.e. biliary, nephrostomy, suprapubic or Foley) tend to conceal their medical condition by wearing long baggy clothes. This reaction has been the norm, partly due to how conventional medical practice has remained over the past years. The advancement of leg bag technology has not made any significant changes for decades on end at this point. This has resulted in patients having to wear a leg bag strapped to their upper or lower leg with elastic/velcro bands and even adhesive products which do not last; eventually creating skin rashes, causing infections and decreasing blood flow.

It is critical to find a product who has revolutionized this practice by developing an innovation which solves many of the issues people are having while adapting to their new life with a catheter. The desire for each patient is to be able to wear weather appropriate attire. Patients are more concerned with designs and features which allow for the leg bag to be raised from the lower leg and closer to the groin area. It is time for technology to step up and remove the straps by providing a solution to this ongoing problem and not changing the problem itself, like most products do. Groundbreaking innovation will give you the freedom of wearing shorts, capris, dresses, and skirts while still concealing the catheters and bags while maintain dignity and privacy during treatment and recovery.

You will always have the option of wearing long pants if you desire to do so. Seek features on new products which fit comfortably and should form to the individual’s physique. This type of innovation will allow you to hopefully maintain your current wardrobe and not spend more time and money looking for outfits that are loose fitting.

Most importantly, you will have more time with your family and less stress during your healing process


Hector F. Arce, Jr. BSN, RN, CCRN

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