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What is Cathwear?

CathWear is a Patented & FDA registered catheter leg bag medical underwear

CathWear is a revolutionary undergarment system for catheters compatible with Suprapubic, Foley, Nephrostomy, & Biliary catheter leg bags. CathWear Holds up to (2) 600ml Leg Bags.

Product Reviews


This product has ABSOLUTELY changed my life!! I was always having difficulty with the statlocks. They would always break on me not to mention that the adhesive would give me awful painful rashes! I then switched to the elastic leg bands, and those just kept stretching out and then would roll down my leg, subsequently pulling on my catheter which was really uncomfortable. So then I found Cathwear, and my life has been COMPLETELY changed through this product. I can't wear leg bags because they cause bad bladder spasms for me, so I always have a night bag on. But this amazing product allows me to even put my full night bag and tubing all down into the pocket! I would HIGHLY suggest this product for a catheter users such as myself. There's an area where you can thread a suprapuberic or foley catheter through to be held comfortably and then attach to the bag and stick it in the pocket. I've got a suprapuberic catheter and it works perfectly. I honestly can't say more good things about Cathwear!!

Ashley Davis

Best underwear for patients ever!

I am a neurosurgery nurse practitioner and I saw this underwear designed by Brian Mohika. A lot of our patients have foley catheters, drains, colostomies and they are so embarrassed when they leak. Patients may even withhold drinking fluids because they are fearful of the bag leaking. I bought this cathwear to see for myself what I would be prescribing for my patients. And they are so comfortable, and actually pretty stylish! I feel like I could walk around the neighborhood in this! You can see how the bag is disguised, but it's also secured. And I was super surprised at how affordable these are!! Thanks Brian for bringing cathwear to market!!

Catie Harris

This Product Covers all the bases- Safety, Comfort, Convenience, and style

My husband has bilateral Nephrostomy tubes. He has struggled with leg bands and had resorted to hanging the bags from a waistband with safety pins. We ordered a pair of Cathwear last week, hoping that he could get some relief. We highly recommend Cathwear . It fits well, is comfortable, keeps the bags in place, and prevents skin irritation from the Nephrostomy bags. It’s also easy care, machine wash and dry. We’re both so happy with Cathwear that we placed another order yesterday. Thank you Brian for this wonderful product!

A Happy Customer

Will be ordering more

These underwear are very discreet and comfortable. Before I was scared of going out in public because of the bags hanging from each of my sides. Now I am able to get back to my normal activities.

Miranda Cockerham

Great product & great service

This product has been a huge blessing to me in the midst of a particularly challenging season of life. Never would I have imagined that at my age (mid-30's) would I have a long-term suprapubic catheter but this product has made it more bearable and convenient as I’ve sought to adjust while still maintaining a full schedule.

Customer service has been responsive, helpful and encouraging. Great product & great service! Thank you!

Justin Barnes

Well designed product to help deal with medical catheter or nephrostomy

This was the only product I was able to find to help deal with having a nephrostomy bag and figuring out how to try to wear somewhat normal clothing comfortably. I ordered an XL but it fits loosely so I would probably have been comforting with a L. There are areas with Velcro to secure tubing and helped me to feel more confident that everything was staying in place. The material was comfortable and didn’t add a lot of bulk. I would recommend this product to anyone dealing with a catheter or nephrostomy.

Elizabeth Smyder

Wonderful Product

Just what I was looking for. Certainly a game changer. 92 year old underwent a nephrostomy and these pants came in so handy. All hospitals should carry these for their patients. Wash well and dries quickly. Ordered two pairs and may need to order a third pair. Home health care nurse thought they were wonderful too.

Kindle Customer


My husband has a nephrostomy tube and wears a leg bag . He found the security straps very uncomfortable- too tight, didn't stay in place & twisted. I searched for a solution & found CATHWEAR ! At first he refused to wear them until his next episode of swollen leg during a recent hospitalization. The strap was again placed too tightly and he asked for the garment. He has been wearing ever since. I ordered several more . My husband is very pleased with CATHWEAR !

marcellene doctor

Great Product that gives you your active life back

After five years of looking for a way to be outside riding my bike in public without the potential of things coming apart the Cath Wear provided an excellent solution. It is very comfortable and gives you the ability to be very active without any problems. They are excellent at customer service and have the product to make you feel like you just got part of your life back.