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Our Team

Brian Mohika CEO of CathWear LLC.

United States Air Force Veteran

Brian has worked in Interventional Radiology as a Radiology Technologist for 10 years. He has assisted in numerous drainage placement procedures. He advanced his medical career by getting a second science degree. He now has a BSN and he currently works for the Visiting Nurses Association in the Merrimack Valley. He encounters many patients requiring leg bags in his day-to-day work responsibilities.  



Hector F. Arce Jr. BSN, RN, CCRN, CEN 

United States Navy (Active)

Hector has been a long-term public servant, whose medical career has been predominantly focused in critical care (Emergency Department and Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit). Hector has been able to treat patients with different medical conditions and diverse backgrounds. He has experience in placing Foley catheters and caring for patient with other drainage catheters. Part of his duties is educating patients on home care for the catheter-drainage systems.



Edwin Alvarez

Edwin serves as CathWear’s CFO with an MBA and has 14 years’ experience working within the finance industry in roles ranging from internal operations, external client-facing sales, and procurement. During his career, Edwin has held roles within investment firms such as Fidelity Investments, MassMutual Financial Group, and Citizens’ Bank. He’s been responsible for growing and retaining an investment portfolio of $27M in assets and advising its clients for a regional bank. His strong belief in maintaining lasting relationships has helped him successfully secure both equity and debt funding during capital raise phases. Edwin currently resides in Rhode Island with his wife and two daughters and is an avid camper and active snowboarder.