The CathWear Journey



In 2012, Brian had a vision of this medical underwear which would completely change the way the bag is managed now and improve patient experience when wearing a leg bag. It inspired him to design a product and offer a solution to this very real problem. A serious problem people with catheters were having was due to the bag sliding up and down the leg, the plastic-to-skin creating contact points, over-tightening of the straps and rashes/ skin irritations being developed. Brian had a vision in the operating room and immediately started building the prototype. From that day forward, the people wearing catheter leg bags had drastic improvements in their quality of life and were forever changed.


Today, Brian’s vision has increased and his message about the CathWear product reaches many catheter patients in need – through social media, online, in the occasional newspaper article, magazine publication, tv, radio and podcast interviews.

The message of an all in one medical underwear system for catheter leg bag users is being heard and patients’ lives are being changed.


Our vision is to be patients and medical professionals’ first choice for their catheter and leg bag management needs. We expect to be the preeminent durable medical equipment solution for the management of leg bags. To determine the best process for medical facilities to make their leg bag patients aware of CathWear prior to and during discharge. In collaboration with these facilities, we are confident every leg bag patient will have knowledge of their accessibility to CathWear and our availability to them.