Brian Mohika inventor of medical underwear

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Brian Mohika, an Air Force veteran and registered nurse, had an inspiration.

While taking care of patients recovering from operations on their kidneys or livers, he noticed that the bags they had to wear to collect fluid from those organs would slide up and down their legs, causing discomfort.

It occurred to him that if the bag were contained in a pocket, that would eliminate the sliding, discomfort and rashes. So Mohika invented a type of medical underwear that’s equipped with a pocket designed to hold a fluid bag.

Mohika obtained a patent for his invention and established a company called CathWear. He now plans to manufacture this new brand of medical underwear.

“This will provide jobs for Lawrence people,” he said during a recent interview. Mohika is not quite ready to mass-produce his product, he said.

He needs to establish a market for the apparel and secure financing. His longtime friend, Edwin Alvarez, is his business partner and chief financial officer for CathWear.

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